The goal (hopefully)

I’m writing a book for the first time and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no education in writing, I didn’t grow up writing and I was never encouraged to pursue my interest in creative writing.

The desire to write sparked from reading. A deep interest and love of the written word that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I found words fascinating before I could read. As I got older I found I loved diving into fictional worlds and the skill of a writer to create such feeling out of nothing but ideas and pen to paper. My head spun with imaginings. Not things I’d write down necessarily but ideas I’d fall into, whether adding onto stories and worlds already created or ones I would think up myself. I’d play out scenarios, act out dialogue between characters.

It didn’t occur to me that I could or should do something about this obvious desire to create until I was 26 years old. And now, with a child, little time or money and no skill or experience in writing, I finally am.

I’ve read a lot. I read a lot. I watch YouTube videos and scroll how to’s and advice articles. There is a lot of information out there. Too much. Too many with examples that I don’t find I can refer to because I haven’t read the book they’re using as an example or they’re just not clear enough in relation to the problems I’m having while writing mine. Or they aren’t broken down in a way that I find thorough enough for me to wrap my head around.

So, this will be that or an attempt to try to address that;

  1. What are the best sources. Which ones worked for me. Which ones seemed to offer the best kinds of advice and examples. I plan to break them down into categories and ratings:
  • What kind of information provided.
  • How thorough the information is.
  • How useful I found the information.

2. Break downs of books that are popular and recent that might help me (and hopefully someone else) see story structure and elements of good published writing in a (hopefully) simple, easily decoded way.

This will be story lining of overall plot as well as secondary plots like relationships and romance and chapter break downs. Which I hope will reveal in detail exactly how the different aspects of story telling are handled. The first goal – one or two popular, recent books from each of my genres of interest and possibly their series continuations. Young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, epic fantasy, romance, paranormal romance, horror, thriller, contemporary, new adult and non fiction.

3. Book reviews. Lists of my favourites. Short but informative.

Once I progress (hopefully) in the stage of writing my own book, it will expand to more books, topics of platforms for writing, my experience with editing services and publishing.

Hopefully I can attempt any of this with some semblance of success. Hopefully it can be useful, for myself and for others out there as lost as I am. And hopefully we can discuss some of this together. I don’t have nearly enough writer friends.