Cold Spots – Cullen Bunn, Sean Phillips & Mark Torres Quick Review

Cold Spots - Cullen Bunn, Sean Phillips, Mark Torres Quick Review
Cold Spots – Cullen Bunn, Sean Phillips, Mark Torres Quick Review

Dan Kerr, a PI, is hired and sent to find wealthy Arthur warren’s missing daughter and grandchild. He finds his way to a remote town where paranormal ghosty things ensue.

To be blunt – the story overall doesn’t deliver on its promise of “unexpected twists and mounting dread”.

The first issue starts strong with creepy lingering unease in every frame. Everything is mysterious and dark and shadowy. It feels like there is something big to discover. A possibility of there being more to it than your standard ghost story. A possibility of digging further into characters who seem to have complicated histories and depth. The setup is great. It delivers.

But the whole story ends up rushed through and light on detail. The characters are mostly underwhelming, and the development and scale of the story didn’t go where I’d hoped it would.

There was a lot of potential within. Issues 1-5 are atmospheric and filled with horror tropes that I enjoyed, and I think it’s possible the story could have become something unique and intriguing. The art is gloomy with a surprising amount and use of color that is quite well suited for the whole vibe of the story. The characters had potential to be interesting with further development had they not been left mostly as face value figures.

I always find this to be the problem with miniseries. It’s just not enough. Nothing is given enough time and space to develop. I’m not sure if there are more issues to come (it seems as though there aren’t) but if there were, I think this would be something I could really enjoy.

*I have received a copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

-2/5 A dark and eerie miniseries that could have been more.

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