Crowded – Christopher Sebela, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Rachel Stott Quick Review

Crowded - Christopher Sebela Quick Review
Crowded – Christopher Sebela Quick Review

In the future anyone with a grudge, money and backers can use the REAPR app to put a hit on anyone else. Average girl, Charlie Ellison finds herself targeted by a REAPR campaign with a million dollars on her head. She turns to the DFEND app to hire the lowest rated bodyguard, Vita. The campaign unfathomably climbs, assassination attempts fly out from every corner and Vita, the surprising badass, drags Charlie through, often times self imposed, danger to safety.

Highlights –

  • Fun
  • Action packed
  • Intriguing world, premise and characters
  • Colorful art and interesting character design
  • Vita
  • Diverse characters

Lowlights –

  • Charlie, while she has her charms, can be more than a little irritating.
  • After 6 issues both main characters are still somehow almost a complete mystery. We get to know the two main antagonists inner workings more than we do Charlie and Vita.
  • Speaking of Antagonists inner workings, from where it all ended, Trotters whole story line felt a bit pointless. Especially after going into so much detail about him (though I’m sure more will come out of it in future issues?).
  • The ending was sort of flat. I was expecting to learn more about Charlie than that one big reveal at the end after so many issues. I wanted a little more facts than she works a hundred jobs, has evidently self destructive and flaky behavior and, the almost understandable fact, that everyone she’s ever come in contact with hates her guts and she doesn’t feel great about it.

*I have received a copy of this book via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

– 3/5 Crowded was a fun, intriguing, action packed and colorful read, full of diverse characters but left things, at the end of the first volume, at a kind of anticlimactic place.

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