Seven Places Without You – Juan Berrio Quick Review

Seven Places Without You Quick Review
Seven Places Without You Quick Review

Seven places without you follows Elena through the end of her relationship. Her boyfriend Juan has drifted from her without explanation. Without answers and unable to stand the distance between them any longer, Elena decides it best to move out. The lack of resolution between them hovering from page to page.

I loved the simplistic art style, soft and melancholic, tying together the whole vibe of the story. The characters around Elena are kind and supportive though not delved into much further than that.

The plot is mundane, slice of life style, and slow. I left feeling that it was supposed to be an experience more than a moving plot. The quiet loneliness of it is especially evident with snapshots of moments where imagery speaks louder than words, a stretching silence. It was effective. I was reminded of similar personal experiences, relating to Elena and her yearning for wanting to hold on yet needing to let go.

I had hoped for something just a little more. A plot and dialogue with a little more purpose and less meandering would have made it a better read for me as a story rather than an experience.

Though I felt a bit frustrated by the way she dealt with leaving Jorge, the ending is bittersweet and not entirely resolved – as they tend to be.

*I have received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

2/5 – A short and relatable slice of life that captures the snapshots of breaking up.

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